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Local area

At 35 km from Village Le Chat

Angoulême is the capital of the Charente and is famous for its comics or ‘bande dessinée’. It is a very pretty city and you can easily spend a day there shopping and site seeing.

For further information: www.angouleme-tourisme.com en www.kizouaventures.fr

At 165 km fromVillage Le Chat

The city is world famous for the wines that come from the environment. Part of the city, the Port of the Moon, is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage. Bordeaux is a vibrant city in the field of art and culture. There are a large number of theaters and many museums, some of which enjoy international renown.

For further information: www.bordeaux-tourisme.com

At 50 km from Village Le Chat

Brantôme is an ancient town built into the cliff-face. The town centre is surrounded by water and there are numerous boat tours offering to show you around. Every Friday morning there is an organised walk along the river. There is also a market selling regional produce. Brantôme does not lack in cafés and restaurants, so maybe treat yourself to a delicious lunch before a visit to the nearby prehistoric caves?

For further information: www.ville-brantome.fr en www.perigord-dronne-belle.fr

At 85 km from Village Le Chat

Cognac is famous as the home of the world’s best known type of brandy. Most of the Cognac distilleries are open to the public so a visit is well worth it to discover the mystery of how Cognac is made. For those less enthusiastic about the drink, Cognac is a beautiful town with plenty to see. There is even a little train you can jump aboard to see the sights – a favourite for our younger holidaymakers!

For further information: www.tourism-cognac.com

At 150 km from Village Le Chat

Futuroscope is a theme park near Poitiers, approximately two hours drive from ‘Le Chat’. Futuroscope is like no other in Europe; it’s a futuristic, fairytale park combining stunning architecture and one of a kind experiences for all the family – its even educational!

For further information: www.futuroscope.com

Lac de Lavaud
At 20 km from Village Le Chat

This large lake is ideal for windsurfing, sailing and canoeing and has a great shaded beach known as ‘La Guerlie’, as well as a small restaurant with pedalos to hire. Nearby you’ll find the ‘Adventure Parc’ if tree top adventure is what you’re looking for. There is also a junior course for younger the children.

For futher information: www.lacs-de-haute-charente.com en www.aventure-parc.fr/lacs-de-haute-charente

La Rochefoucauld
At 20 km from Village Le Chat

La Rochefoucauld boasts one of the most beautiful chateaux in France, as well as monastery and a church dating back to the Middle Ages.

For further information: http://tourisme.rochefoucauld-perigord.fr en www.chateau-la-rochefoucauld.com

La Rochelle
At 190 km from Village Le Chat

La Rochelle is a magnificent medieval port approximately two hours drive from ‘Le Chat’. The town is full of history, with small roads and beautiful architecture. Fresh fish is available from the port in the numerous restaurants and eateries, or you can take a trip to the Aquarium.

For further information: www.larochelle-tourisme.com en www.aquarium-larochelle.com

At 60 km from Village Le Chat

Limoges is known for its porcelain. It is a pleasant city for shopping and with many monuments to visit. Limoges and Oradour are close. That may be a good idea to combine the two for an exit.

The village of Oradour sur Glane is an impressive war memorial. At the end of the Second World War the Nazis wiped out the village’s entire population and burnt it to the ground. The village has been rebuilt, but the old village has been kept exactly as it was and is open to the public in remembrance of its victims.

Pour plus d’informations: www.limoges-tourisme.com, www.aquariumdulimousin.com en www.oradour-souviens-toi.fr

At 20 km from Village Le Chat

Every Wednesday morning the town hosts a good market selling regional produce. There are over 100 stalls and a few small outside bars and cafes.

For further information: www.perigordverttourisme.com

At 75 km from Village Le Chat

Périgueux is the capital of the Dordogne. It is very typical of the region, with pedestrian streets and small squares. It also boasts a Gothic cathedral made entirely of wood, worthy of a visit. The drive to Périgueux is very picturesque.

For further information: www.tourisme-perigueux.fr

At 150 km from Village Le Chat

Une journée au bord de la mer?
Royan is a popular seaside resort with long sandy beaches and seafront promenade. Eat your favourite fish in one of the many eateries or head to ‘La Palmyre’, arguably one of the best zoo’s in France.

For further information: www.royan-tourisme.com en