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General Conditions

Terms and Conditions Village Le Chat, Ecuras (France)

  1. registration and rent

When you wish to make a reservation, you’ll have to fill in the reservation documents or contact the reception. This document you’ll have to send to us. After our confirmation you are expected to pay 30% of the rent within 14 days. Increases with reservations costs. The remaining amount will have to be in our possession at least 6 weeks before your arrival. If the remaining sum, 6 weeks before your arrival hasn’t been received by us. Then your reservation will be cancelled. Without a refund of the 30% that was paid for the rent beforehand.

You are responsible for every renter listed on your booking form.

  1. Prices

Our prices apply for bungalows from day to day. This is inclusive the use of water and electricity.

The cleaning costs and tourism tax aren’t included, these are to be paid at your arrival at the reception.

  1. Cancellation fund

It’s not obligated to participate in the cancelation fund, but it is optional. The costs of this would be 4,82% of the rent.
The payment for the cancellation fund should be paid at the same time as the deposit.

  1. Cancelation

When you participate in the cancellation fund the following terms apply:

At a cancellation 42 days prior to your stay nothing will be charged.
From the 42nd day till the 28 days before your arrival, an amount of 35% of the rent is due to be paid.
From the 28nd day till the 21 days before your arrival, an amount of 40% of the rent is due to be paid.
From the 21nd day till the 14th days before your arrival, an amount of 50% of the rent is due to be paid.
From the 14nd day till the 5th days before your arrival, an amount of 75% of the rent is due to be paid.
From the 5nd day till the day before your arrival, an amount of 90% of the rent is due to be paid.
At a cancelation on the day of your arrival you have to pay 100% of the rent.

A cancellation must be sent to us by registered post with valid proof (doctor’s certificate etc.)
At the following cases the cancellation fund will pay out:

a) In the event of a serious accident, illness or death of yourself, your partner, your children and immediate family members (father, mother, brother, sister);
b) When moving for profession reasons;
c) Upon dismissal for economic reasons for you or your partner;
d) Damage to your house due to fire, flooding, storm or natural disaster.

In case of cancellation, the reservation costs and costs of the cancellation fund will not be refunded.

  1. Pets

We have a one pet for one home policy, provided that they don’t make problems or cause nuances. Costs per week see prize list. You are obligated to have your pet vaccinated against rabies. The vaccination can’t be older than 12 months and not younger than 1 month before your arrival. Please bring documents of proof with you please. Please be reminded to take with you a ticks-repelling collar.

  1. Linen

The use of bedlinen is obligated. All beds are provided with blankets. You can bring your own bedlinen or rent it with us

  1. Travel documents

These you’ll receive approximately 6 weeks before departure, such as voucher, address data for homestayers and travel route.

  1. Arrival and departure

In the high season the bungalows/villas are ready for your arrival between 16:00 and 20:00.
At the day of your departure you are obligated to leave before 10:00 in the morning.

In the low season the arrival times from Monday till Saturday are between the times of 14:00 and 17:00, and on Sunday between the times of 11:00 and 12:00. In the case that the reception is closed, then there will have been made ready an envelope at the post distribution system containing a map of the park and the key to your stay.

  1. Guarantee

At your arrival you are obligated to pay your guarantee of € 150,00 (via credit card, debit card or cash).
This guarantee will be paid back within 14 days of your departure. Possibly with deduction of damage caused. If something is broken or went missing, please inform the reception for a recoup.

  1. At our park we have special rules that apply to all visitors

Every renter is obligated to follow these rules. What for example isn’t allowed:
a) To place tents or caravans in the non-designated places.
b) To advertise or spread propaganda.
c) To make to disproportional noise (after 22:00 we want the park to be quiet and peaceful).
d) The consuming of alcohol in the public places, excluded the catering facilities bar-restaurant and terrace.
e) To park your car elsewhere than on the official parking spot at your bungalow.
f) To damage park property.

Violations of these rules may result in the removal of you from our park. This without obligation on our part to for compensation / and a refund of the deposit of the rent. This counts as long as you are responsible for the damage caused by yourself.

  1. Liability

Village Le Chat accepts no liability for any damage and / or injury to our tenants, regardless of what cause or negligence this damage and / or injury would have occurred. Nor is any liability accepted for alleged or applicable property damage. For both a tenant obtaining such a right to compensation, he / she now renounces such a right. Both for himself and his beneficiary, which distance will be accepted by Village Le Chat.

  1. Complains

If in spite of all our interventions and care, a tenant believes that he has a justified complaint, then it must be made known in a written document on site and a copy must be sent to our reservations office within thirty days. if the complaint is not handled to the satisfactorily by us, then the tenant has the opportunity to have it processed by the Disputes Committee for Consumer Affairs in The Hage, within three months after the submission of his / her complaint. the decision of this committee is binding for both parties.